Q. Where do I get the latest news about Dive Olly Dive?

The Dive Olly Dive latest news can be found in the "News Blog" section of the site. http://www.diveollydive.com/news/

Q. When will Dive Olly Dive! air on U.S. networks? Where is it currently airing?

All TV schedules are listed at in the SHOW INFO section.

Although we try to keep on top of changes, some info might be old, so please check local listings for the latest TV schedule.

Q. Are there "Dive Olly Dive!" toys and other merchandise available yet?

For the USA, "Dive Olly Dive!" is scheduled to launch its first DVD title for Spring 2009.

In France and Poland, "Dive Olly Dive!" also has one DVD title available in stores since April 2008 and December 2007, respectively.

In Germany, a deal was recently signed for beach accessories to be sold by BECO-Beermann GmbH & Co.KG, but the toys are not out yet. we don't know when the toys will be out yet, but their license period is from now until 2011. So Germany should see toys soon!

We will make sure to tell you about new toys, movies, books, etc in the NEWS BLOG section of the site: http://www.diveollydive.com/news/.
So make sure to check in often !

Q. How Do I play the Olly Match game

The goal of the game is to find all the matching pairs of cards.

To play, you will be shown some cards with their faces down. Select two cards by clicking on them. If both cards are the same, they will stay uncovered. If they are different, remember what is on the cards so you can try to match cards again. When you have matched all of the pairs and all the cards are uncovered you can access the higher level.

Q. Why doesn't the Dive Olly Dive video play?

You might not have Apple Quicktime player and you need it to play the Dive Olly Dive clip. All you need to do is download the software at www.apple.com/quicktime/win.html.

How do I save Diveollydive.com as my homepage?
Setting this site as your homepage is done within the Internet Options area of your web browser. You add http://www.diveollydive.com/ in the field provided

Q. How do I save the Dive Olly Dive wallpapers?

To save the wallpapers, choose among one of the resolutions/sizes that corresponds to your computer, right click on the picture after it has loaded, and click on "save image as". Then you will choose where to "save it on your computer."

Or instead of "Save image as", you can also directly click on "Set as desktop background."

Q. How do I save Diveollydive.com as my homepage?

Setting this site as your homepage is done within the Internet Options area of your web browser. You add http://www.diveollydive.com/ in the field provided.

Q. How do I send feedback?

To send e-mail feedback to the various departments, visit the "Contact" section of the site. You can find it by looking at any of the footers across all of website pages.

Q. What is Flash?

Macromedia Flash is a method of delivering interactive multimedia content over the Internet. Flash is popular on the Web because it enables the creation of visually dynamic and interactive online user experiences while keeping files very small for fast downloads.

Q. What is a Privacy Policy?

A privacy policy tells you how a Web site deals with your personal information. It will tell you what kinds of personal information is collected (like your e-mail address, your last name, or your address), how it will be used (perhaps to send e-cards or to enter a contest) and whether it will be shared with other people.

Q. What is COPPA? How does the Dive Olly Dive website comply?

The Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) went into effect in April 2000. It sets rules for anyone who runs a Web site for kids under 13 years old. The rules deal with how a Web site can use personal information you might give to the site, such as your e-mail address or last name, so that you and your parents will know what information is being collected and how it might be used.